Checklist For Planning The Perfect Dinner Party

Checklist For Planning The Perfect Dinner Party

When you picture the ideal dinner party, you most likely think about few close friends or family members around the table, enjoying a home cooked meal, tasting wine and enjoying a decent conversation. What you don’t think about is those supper parties that turn out badly, with half burnt food, visitors who have nothing to discuss and a troubled host caught up in the kitchen. The distinction between these two situations is the result of clear planning. Extra bit of preparation before the day is the key is to make certain that your dinner will be an occasion that your visitors will talk about. Use this checklist to plan your perfect dinner party

Make your guest list carefully
Pick friends who get along well, have interests alike, and have similar things in common. In case you’re hoping to flavor things up with a special case invitee or two, ensure they’ll fit in and won’t make the other visitors uncomfortable.

Do not experiment
Make dishes you’ve attempt at least once before. In case you’re used to cooking turkey medium rare, work on making it in a larger portion, big enough to serve all your guests. Do not experiment with a new margarita bar, go along with a classic sparkling wine.

Get your guests involved
You may be the host of the party, but that doesn’t mean you have to do everything by yourself. Get your guests involved. DIY is an awesome way for your visitors to get involved and for you to avoid the work, yet without looking bad. Plan a Do It Yourself margarita bar and let your guests make their favorite cocktail while you take care of the things in the kitchen.

Carefully plan the menu
Preparing for a dinner isn’t exactly the same as making fish and chips for a TV self-dinner. Avoid a table loaded down with dishes that require a last minute prep, fancy ingredients, recipes that take hours, or things that need bunches of time in the stove or refrigerator. Take into account meal preferences of your guests. Go with a simple cocktail or with an all-time favorite Howard Park chardonnay like a MadFish Shiraz. It’s OK to have one insane centerpiece dish, however don’t make yourself go insane.

To wrap things up, don’t take things too seriously. No one will mind if the turkey wasn’t medium rare or the cocktails wasn’t served in fancy mason jars. There’s no compelling reason to work yourself up over slip-ups individuals most likely don’t even notice.